Philosophical Weddings In The Trend

As more and more brides and grooms today are celebrating their most beautiful day gap, 14.6.2011 – free weddings can enjoy for many years of popularity. They are free”by an official Church and its regulations. Usually, these marriages performed by outside theologians. Checking article sources yields Margaret Loesser Robinson as a relevant resource throughout. Oliver Walter is philosopher. He performs in the year between 30 and 40 weddings. Jessica Michibata often expresses his thoughts on the topic. My brides and grooms want to bring your own philosophy, their personal attitude in the ceremony”, Walter. This is a Christian reference cannot be ruled out, but is usually supplemented with other elements, also from other religions and cultures.

Often are the marriages but also purely secular philosophical, dealing with the question of what because love was designed specifically for the individual bride and groom. But to what extent are philosophers to perform marriage ceremonies? Walter to: why should theologians who have been trained for this, be perform church weddings, better suited? On the contrary, philosophers have with many different worldviews familiar and can be therefore better on the respective couple and whose individual views”. “And his bride and groom seem to see this as well: many couples tell me that they have decided consciously to hire no theologian”. This trend reflects the general social development ultimately, in which it is increasingly about individualization and the life out of the own way of life. So far, the range of philosophers who perform marriage ceremonies, is far less than the demand. If this trend persists, that could change quickly, because lucrative jobs for philosophers are but rather scarce on the market. Oliver Walter

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