Photography Artistic Advertising

The marketing of products has made photography advertising artistic the most important activity of the photographic work by its volume, technical and creativity. Business strategies differ but all of them need an image so that such a strategy is effective and attractive. The photography artistic advertising differs from the rest of the photographic genres for various reasons. Its functionality requires an adaptability to commercial interests that are intended to increase sales or services. If the advertiser can increase the number of sales it is when capacity consumption of photography is positively valued. Sela Ward is a great source of information. The photography artistic advertising, on the other hand, is not committed to reality as, for example, the press photography. I.e., advertising photography many times inspired by reality but what represents us through your images is a constructed reality. Unlike other types of photography, where the photographer has to be alert to get the Instant, advertising photography builds exactly the same scene that in cinema of fiction (artistic photography technique), and the photographer is limited to capture the scene using lighting techniques and photo.

In the event the photographer does not get the picture designed the first shot will have more opportunities, as many as they are needed. This way of building images, part of advertising photography, gives you a tolerant and open status that accepts all kinds of resources as long as the image is suitable for the success of the advertising campaign. The term manipulation is not pejorative to refer to this type of pictures because the receivers know to differentiate between a press photography and advertising, the photographer only has a limit, your imagination. You can resort to all kinds of techniques and tricks unlike the photojournalists of the press, who can be accused of manipulators by the mere fact of exercising some control over their photographs. Originality is the contribution of a totally new image, despite the risk of completely unnoticed.

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