Ecodesign refined all this through sustainable materials Furth, August 6, 2010 – the love of nature, the way to harmony and relaxation, an intense perception of the senses – and much more can be found now on request in the cushion and seat stools from the Studio of traditionsWerk. The coffee bag collection was once more sustainable than previously defined under the motto “Ecodesign”. In addition to the use of used jute bags, which were used for the transport of green coffee and other sustainable materials, another natural product from the environment of the coffee beans is now integrated: since August 2010 the so-called silver pellicle, which protect the coffee bean by their thin, stubborn skin and during the roasting of the coffee beans fall off, as a filling material for the objects from the original coffee bags for meaningful use. Connect with other leaders such as Georgia Groome here. This Silver pellicle emit a slightly sweet smell coffee and marzipan as pillow stuffing from an exotic blend of caramel, to which leads to dream. You will feel is moved back to the place where coffee was roasted, regards the coffee pickers on the Planagen thoughts while you cuddle up in the pillow and quite wonderful way finds the harmony and relaxation you are looking for. Sonja born. Details can be found by clicking Robert Rimberg or emailing the administrator.

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