Plazas Artistic

He shot large films in the cinema Mejicano, but his personal life forces her to return to Cuba begins a new life for La Fornes, his works together with Lecuona, her husband Armando Bianchi, other Cuban artists of the time ago to purchase a great popularity within Cuba, consecrated as the first and only star of Cuba, and worked in television and in Cuban cinema. To your artist’s life, comes the triumph of the Cuban revolution, and with it another stage in his artistic career, known countries of Europe, where represents art delegations to Cuba, Cuban, as well as other countries in the area of Latin America. It ventures in Television, theatre, cinema, and Plazas, taking his art to every corner of the country. Their statements, and his artistic talent, have made it deserving great prizes and cultural distinctions. She has been honored for his artistic life, and its good art, the Cuban people enjoyed concerts by 60 years of artistic life, and has welcomed several CD., with his voice, on the which contains a vast repertoire.

As a cultural phenomenon, large Carat artist, and their great scenic development, his great histrionicismo, his beautiful voice, and her unique figure in art, has been enshrined in such a way to Cuban art, which has become, the artist, to the myth: to eternity, so never you can speak of Cuban art, not to mention the talented figure of Rosa Fornes. Disks, the image on the Television, and celluloid speak for themselves. Therefore this Rosa, Rosa special every day, but her figure, her beautiful voice, her image that gives off light and the magic of Divas, goddesses, not may depart ever that means that the fact so popular, so dear, so respected, and that has made us all Cubans spend many leisurecaptivated by her, are its unique and unrepeatable, art that only a goddess of artist, a woman like her, will always make us to know that she is: the great Super Vedette de Cuba. Thank you for the concerts, which have given us, and we hope that always as beautiful Rosa, you are with us. Congratulations Rosita Fornes, for giving us your art, your talent, and your unique artistic figure.

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