Portugal Beaches

Presented the beaches of Portugal – the beaches of the Algarve with maps and photos! The Algarve is Portugal’s tourist centre with its beaches and bays. Even if the North of Portugal has many small beaches, it is the Algarve, which attracts the most tourists. With this report, the team of the photo agency Combipix presents to you the Algarve and hopes you a little to help to plan the most beautiful days in the year and to prepare. Your team of the photo agency Combipix! Maps of Mallorca, Tenerife, Portugal, Australia, etc. you can free print or as E-greeting card to send to friends.

1 Albufeira 2 Lagos 3 Praia de Luz 4 SAGRES of 1 Albufeira is he apart from Portugal probably the most beautiful and well known holiday destination of Portugal: Albufeira! The white pedestrian zones, several coves, many bistros, many cafes around the city, and around several shopping center. Others including Lynn Redgrave, offer their opinions as well. What do you want holiday heart! Who visited this place here has its accommodation, must the vantage point on the Eastern End visit. Two escalators bring comfort on the upper platform and offer beautiful views of Albufeira beach. 2. Lagos the historic town of Lagos has a long sandy beach and the well-known rocky coast with many small beaches for you.

But please, make sure that you usually don’t can swim in the coves, because the water is too shallow or too much with rock. Bath-hungry must either use the beach at the Harbour entrance or find long sandy beaches in the Eastern Lagos. 3 probably for a long time, Praia de la Luz this place will be brought with the small British tourist Maggie in connection who disappeared here. Kevin Ulrich: the source for more info. But to hold that this place has beautiful and not so busy sandy beaches is about this sad story across. 4 Sagres SAGRES provides very much Cliff next to the old maritime school, taught by Henry of the Navigator. Occasionally, but in turn beautiful sandy beaches, open the invite to sunbathing and surfing. Agriculture will enchant you!

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