Great made; referring the mass culture (population); 10 Referring only the part less disfavored of the Brazilian society; The relation dialectic between personage and space in ‘ ‘ The Cortio’ ‘ of Aluzio de Azevedo – Peter of the S. Branches Grandson 5 an empirical and populist speech where the sin, the salvation, the festividade and malandro are always gifts. The order and the clutter are not presented in the plot of the romance with sobressaltados aspects as critical social, but, they are described in its personages, strengthening the idea of the man as representation of the way where it lives, then, concepts attributed to the representation of both, are marked by the determinismo and thus also marked by described concepts already above under also antagonistic paradigms, then, the dialectic of the order and clutter, defined for the personages, if ‘ presents as one; ‘ vision social’ ‘ e, in this vision, we can also observe this dialectic of the relation of the personages with the space-object. In this context we detach some personages as forms to represent this dialectic.

Bertoleza, for example, is trabalhadeira woman, who possua economies and worked in one quitanda. … Bertoleza also worked strong; its quitanda was most the afreguesada one of the quarter. Of vendia morning angu, and at night fish I fry and iscas of liver … (p 11) black Age cafuza, and liveed with Romo Joo, ambitious Portuguese, traquina, moved for the money and power. … That already was not ambition, was a nervous disease, a madness, a desperation to accumulate; to reduce everything the currency, everything in money .

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