Possible Critic

Although they indicate the good thing to us that we do and only they censure a small point in our performance, we will always pay attention to that, we will concentrate in which we made bad and we will exaggerate until it. Therefore, we are reasonable balances and when we evaluate ourselves. We admit that we are not perfect and that we are always in a learning process. Without hesitation Sally Rooney explained all about the problem. It accepts reasonable critic with pleasure. It would seem to him stranger who some people wish that they indicate his lack to them and they request until it? Then, the sagacious leaders know very well that sometimes they are going away to mistake. He is for that reason that they want to hear opposite opinions, thus to commit less mistakes and power to correct the errors passed to the possible brevity. Sometimes they have said to him that he brings the neck of his raised shirt? When he happens to us without a doubt we considered that commentary as aid and not as a threat. Well, because that same raisin in the well-meaning field of the critic.

Others can see aspects of our appearance or personality that to us happen inadvertent. Therefore, it accepts the critic with taste, like an opportunity to learn something. Instead of to feel like wounded, it tries to transform it into a fortalecedora experience. It requests details. " I do not like his attitude! " It would like that somebody said that to him? Clear that no, so that type of commentaries hurts. Nevertheless, often our critics lack tact and speaks hard. If that outside case, the best thing than you can do you are to ask that the other person is more specific. When somebody criticism generally tends to generalize. If you ask you detail will allow him to find out exactly which are the objections of the person whom it has opposite.

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