Great service action of until the 30.06.09. Click san-antonio-spurs for additional related pages. Great service action of the up to the 30.06.09. strengthen you your gastronomic occurrence and sprinkle your gastro news to the press, and benefit from more editorial feedback. What is PREGAS.DE is nothing more precious and valuable than current information. The whole world is dependent on a smooth and rapid flow of information. Be it regional or international, everyone would like to present its information in a large mass. Multipliers are media in the fields of TV, print, online and radio. How do I get this media? How do I tell an editor or how I present my latest gastro News editorial quickly, directly, and effectively? Currently it is: to successfully publish his news and to get editorial feedback, you should consider the following: A good and current press distribution correct email addresses of editors / editors note the editorial deadline the coresponding theme for the editor the editor / editorial offer should be present (holidays, illness, etc.) We solve the problem! Here is your information free of charge online and is visible to all editors / editors. In addition, we can inform all registered editors / editors, and restaurateurs with a weekly newsletter with highlights and press inquiries. Thousands of registered press officials and restaurateurs give us right: the Laura is a unique link between the press and the gastronomy!

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