Present At The 2nd Month Of Birth

That's a pipsqueak and grew up – for as much as two months! Probably already there are many family stories about how he sneezes funny and cute smacked in his sleep. And he knows how much – to keep the head and concentrate glance and smile … It's time think about how to make his life really bright. Gifts for babies can be divided into those that are given to their children, and those with the parting words are given to the parents. Number of first often directly proportional to the age of your baby: the smaller the crumb, the harder it is to choose something really for him. In a question-answer forum Sean Rad, Los Angeles was the first to reply.

Try to choose the gifts of both types. Now for the crumbs of a baby begins to interest the outside world: it listening to the sounds, considering moving subjects, like "talk" to adults. This activity should be encouraged. Therefore, as a gift for the crumbs, you can choose mobile (small roundabout with a toys which hangs from the crib.) Well, if you buy more than one such gift – this will facilitate the rapid development of the child. Suppose that one will be the carousel with soft toys blond, the other – with bright rattles, and the third – with pictures, etc. For children of this age is a wonderful gift "developmental mat": insulated mat and hung over him toys. Here, the child will be easier to know the world (even if and yet within his room), it is faster to learn to roll from back to belly and back.

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