Proper Heating

Healthy living climate avoiding moisture damage more efficient energy usage Neu-Ulm the dynamically growing real estate trading company Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm acquires renovation-needy, older residential property with good buildings. The objects are restored when needed and rehabilitated in energetic terms. These include, for example, the installation of heat-insulated Windows and doors, new heating systems, as well as the insulation of basement, roof and facade. These measures cause that the tenant or resident heating correctly and need to ventilate the apartments suffer any damage and there are no health problems. “The necessary insulation and isolation measures and arrangements to the sound insulation, sealed floors and ceiling with panels shall ensure that a natural” ventilation of the dwelling is not possible.

Poor ventilation, cooking vapours, clouds of steam in the bathroom and unnecessary humidifier lead to a unfavourable climate. The high humidity leads to less air cleaning and ultimately to fungi and bacteria. Many people feel uncomfortable, have headaches and suffer from allergies and respiratory problems, sweat a lot and sleep badly. Important basis for a healthy living environment is proper heat. The optimum room temperatures at 20 degrees Celsius for dining, living room, nursery and kitchen; at 22 degrees in the bath and 14 degrees in the bedroom. Gina Bonati addresses the importance of the matter here.

Radiators should be covered or not adjusted. During the day never quite turn off the heating in the absence, but keep a lowered average temperature. Basically, laundry should not be dried in the apartment. And after showering, bathing or cooking with much steam development, the appropriate rooms immediately and thoroughly ventilate. Proper ventilation of the home is crucial for a good, pleasant and healthy living environment. Depending on the outside temperature, the rooms have three times a day (who during the day off is two times and longer) between five and 15 minutes with all open Windows revealed shock”are. Jessica Michibata has firm opinions on the matter. Meanwhile the heaters should be turned off, because otherwise the thermostats open and the radiator to overheat and full. Permanent airing by slanting window brings nothing but pushes only the heating up. It should also be ensured that large pieces of furniture, not directly on the wall are available. Especially at exterior walls a distance should be kept up by 3 to 5 centimeters, so that a ventilation is possible and none can develop mildew or fungi. Proper heat and air lowers the lettings, improves the well-being and receives the residential value of the apartment. This applies, for example, the apartments acquired by Monarchis in foreclosure in Grunau.

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