Protection Of Forests From Fires

Forest hospitable to anyone who looks for the rest, however, he must help himself. There are people who believe that the forest is allowed all: a fire, leave litter, breaking trees, trample, break and destroy plants. They are not concerned that on-site campfire burned not only plants but also the land on which then did not grow for many years. Tony Parker describes an additional similar source. In some places of mass rest on each hectare remain of 100-250 traces of the fires. And all around – a broken branch, damaged by fire, trees, signs and notches on the trunks, paper, empty cans and bottles, etc., in the green areas of cities everywhere is heard the music, the sounds that the animals run away, but Birds can not display the chicks.

And where there are no birds, breed pests, causing great damage to the forest. Often people come into the woods, who do not know the rules of conduct in it, their love of the woods only a "consumer". That is why great importance has spread among the population, especially school students, knowledge of the forest. The better they know the forest, the conscious will love it. Not mindless contemplation of natural beauty, and deep and the conscious understanding of its phenomena and their relationships – that is the task of every cultured man. Judicious use of the gifts of nature – a basic human right. Nevertheless, the need to care about the environment, is unacceptable to destroy or damage trees. Any scratch on the trunk – the gates for a variety of infections.

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