In the first part of this article (tab 9), we define psychotherapy as a process of communication between a psychotherapist and a person seeking assistance (patient), with the aim of improving the quality of life of the latter, through a change in their thoughts, feelings or actions. We also analyzed the word process with some practical considerations. Today we will focus on the word communication in psychotherapy. 7 tab of this blog, I talked about communication in its broadest sense. Today I will focus on specific communication between patient and therapist. The essence of psychotherapy is “to stop differentiating repeated again.” What does this mean? For a person who always behave or communicate in the same way, is moving in a vicious circle without progress. Are these people as they age because their birthdays, but not mature because they do not learn. If we can enter into our discourse, a change communication through small, closed that gradually will be opened, eventually becoming a spiral dialectic that will allow us to “get out” of this circle impoverishing where we were. If for example a patient is always submissive, postponing their wishes in accordance with the wishes of others, is moving in a repetitive, closed circle, which always takes the role of submissive and compliant. If through psychotherapy, he realizes the communication pattern and start from time to time to say “the other” not focusing more on what he wants, then start “differentiating repeat.” If the communication pattern continues, will come a time where repeat.

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