Queen Shamahanskaya

Name of the film Three heroes and Shamahanskaya Queen Original title Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen whom you can give children, adults, affectionate humor and cartoons drawn on any New Year's holidays, Christmas, Birthday, Day cartoon, Children's Day. Sela Ward contributes greatly to this topic. It is difficult to calculate how many Hollywood films shot on superheroes endowed with superpowers (or at least the case superobrudovaniem), defenders of the weak. It is easy to find history for literally anyone, from young to old. And for those who fall into the category of "small" shot not only movies but also cartoons. At first glance it seems that we have in the field of art and especially supergeroicheskih cartoons a crop failure. But if you draw a second glance in the right direction, it turns out that all this is in order! What makes us different from a superhero? Superforce, big heart and willingness to help civilians at a difficult moment for them. In general, a complete set of qualities of a hero of Russian folk tales and fairy tales.

Why not superheroes? And its, native, with the national colors. About them already, and cartoons removed. Just 30th December 2010 in rolling out another cartoon about their adventures – "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen." It was logical to assume that you should first remove the history of each of the heroes, and then punch in the year about the whole picture bravo Trinity at once. But the first cartoon in which a trio of all, promises to be the last one: its creators have said about the end of "heroic saga." Like it or not, but the cartoon is noteworthy not only as the finale of the series.

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