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HostelsClub presents mini – travel guide for Alaska Alaska is the destination for summer 2011! Infinite expanses of nature with incredible beauty and evocative moods are Alaska. It is not something John Paul Stevens would like to discuss. This is the land of extremes, between wilderness and metropolises, heat and cold, nature and modernity. So the journey not as in the film resembles gold rush with Charlie Chaplin, you must plan well so a trip, because the trip will be a real adventure to Alaska with! A flight directly to Anchorage (the largest airport in Alaska) will cost over thousand euros, that’s why we recommend Alaska as a budget of travel in the United States to plan you can cheap fly z.B to New York, spend there a few days, and then fly with AlaskAirlines for ca 350 roundtrip back ncah anchorage. guaranteed low rates at Hostels, so the trip is carefree. So, we begin our journey in anchorage.

If you have the idea of Alaska that the berries or Moose on the road run, is not wrong. In Alaska, it has really good chances, some of them actually to meet. It is in the middle of nature also in anchorage. Anchorage, literally translates as anchorage, is located on the Bay of desCook inlet and is the largest city in Alaska. Even if it is already a metropolis for Northern conditions (around 260000 inhabitants are counted), right on the outskirts of the city magnificent Wilderness begins.

You can z.B in ship Creek salmon or Bald Eagle watch and a Moose between the cars belongs really to the normal road picture, especially early in the morning. Anchorage is the important starting point for trips to Alaska, there are the major highways and airport and it offers the cheapest supermarkets and equipment shops. Alaska Backpackers Inn is a perfect hostel, if you are looking for an accommodation in Anchorage, it was built specifically for backpackers.

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