Roman Hispania

The Costa de la Luz is the Spanish coast of the Gulf of Cadiz and includes the provinces of Cadiz and Huelva. It has a quite excellent tourist supply of hotel places and leisure, as much of sun and beach, like rural, gastronomical and cultural, aquatic golf courses, parks and sport ports. In the gaditana part, it goes of Sanlcar de Barrameda to San Roque. They are 260 kilometers of Atlantic coast, of long fine sand beaches, many of them without urbanizing tourist and not too much exploded. In the Beach of Bologna the force of an Atlantic beach feels, of smooth wind, in its 4 kilometers, until arriving at a dune of 30 meters of stop. Alongside same of the beach they are the ruins of the Roman city of Baelo Claudia, an important city at some times of the Roman Hispania. In San Fernando the Castle is the Beach.

2,200 meters in length by 40 of average width of a virgin beach, of low occupation, sand sea bream and moderate surge. Ideal for long strolls. Jay Schwartz contributes greatly to this topic. In the city of Cadiz the Creek are 6 beaches (, Santa Maria of the Sea, the Victory considered like the best urban beach of Europe, Cut, Puntales and Torregorda), all urban except for a part of the Beach of the Cut, and with abundant restaurants and bars in the proximities. Raising by the coast, in Defeat, the most famous beach is the one of the Rib, the most concurred of the zone, sand sea bream and with many services. Following the line of beaches without solution of continuity, in which simply it changes the name, according to the change of characteristics or municipal term, we arrived at those from Chipiona, that maintains open beaches and of great length (Shrimp, Beach of Rule, Montijo). We finish the route with nearest Huelva, those of Barbate, with the Beach of the Rockrose, of almost 1,600 meters in length, protected by rocky bulks turn that it into very calm; The Road/Sinks, of 60 meters in width and 2,300 of length, call the Race course because in her the famous flat racing is organized during the summers; and Bonanza, of 1,200 meters in length, located in the opening of the Guadalquivir. Conclusion the lodging in Cadiz well is equipped and varied, reason of enjoying more in anyone its beaches. Many kilometers of coast with the sun like common factor and all type of beaches, urban and isolated.

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