Santa Eularia

Sun beds and umbrellas are offered (as of 2011) in high season (and partially in the low season). 19 Platja d Canar in the former Hippieort have long since adopted the tourists the upper hand. Only Once in the week manufactured handcrafted jewelry is and much more during the high season from some hippies and off Teigern on a small market. sold. Ibiza – Platja d it Canar that beaches of Platja d it is Canar protected by some rocks in the area, so you will find good bathing opportunities even in the low season.

Partly the beach is no longer free in low season from algae, but in some areas find low season in the main not only good for bathing, but year-round shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. Ibiza – Platja d it be Canar sunbeds and sunshades in the mid-season (and partially in the low season) offered (as of 2011). 20 Cala pada the small Cala pada is Canar and Santa Eurlaria des Riu between it. Cala has a beautiful sandy beach and two beach bars, which unfortunately close in the low season. Ibiza – Cala pada gaining water slowly at depth and the swell is also mostly low, so that this Cala families with small children give a nice, quiet day at the beach will. Ibiza – Cala pada sun beds and umbrellas are offered in season (and partially in the low season) (as of 2011). 21 Santa Eularia of the RIU Riu Santa Eurlaira is one of the resorts on Ibiza. No matter whether in the main or off season, this place has clean beaches for you. It is one of the few places that offer a beautiful promenade, which is illuminated at night by beautiful historic lanterns. Ibiza – Santa Eularia of Riu – Ibiza Santa Eularia des Riu because the town offers year-round hotels, you can access back here in the offseason on a tourist structure intact.

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