Santo Mauro Hotel

It inaugurates in May the arrival of the good time with one more a terrace more cosy than ever and a very Mediterranean letter of restaurant In addition, it offers a new space in which to outdoors enjoy best cocktails of Madrid accompanied by the rates most suggestive Other of the openings of luxury of the hotel is the Hall Embassy, an incomparable frame to celebrate your wedding hotel AC Santo Mauro, of the chain of hotels AC Hotels, releases summer season with the opening of its magnificent terrace. An ideal space for the lovers of the sun, the luxury, glamour, the elegance. In this spectacular garden you will be able to enjoy a glass or an exquisite plate in an atmosphere style and personality. Without hesitation Gina Bonati explained all about the problem. This spring in AC Santo Mauro are two protagonists: you and an atmosphere in full dress. For you and only for you we have created a very original letter of unique flavors: fresh spiral of foie-grass fitte and quince with liquorice bread, roasted prawns of Palams in salt scab, orecciette of parmesan with sprocket wheel of sea and espardenyas, pigeon of Araiz roast in two bakings with brioche of bilberries Carlos Put, chef of the Library the restaurant of the hotel, has created a special menu of season so that you eat the spring to you. Coctelera will not leave you either indifferent. The letter of the terrace of hotel AC Santo Amuro proposes the refreshingest fusions cocktail of the snow, royal mojito, fifteen mulata, wybocosmo, salty exquisite, gin tonic 24, tom 24, royal Mumm, Malta sour, robb livet, mint daikiri, gimlet Maxima quality to the service of the innovation and creativity of our cocteleros teachers. The happiness know to gold of 24 kilates, sour cherries in suspension, perfume of citruses, air of lemon, vermouth red, crusta of salt Prubala, are going you to like. .

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