Schroeder Popcorn

Greetings, dear reader! I was strictly "advised" to write about food. I allowed myself to make a short list of the most popular dishes, which, in my opinion, most often with some fanatical gleam in his eye sung in the production of domestic and overseas capitalist kinomashiny.Iz … So, let's begin. Pizza – a great Italian dish. What could be better than a piece of pizza dough thin crispy, with tomatoes "cherry", bacon and Parmesan cheese stringy! Yummy! That is why so often found in the product films.

True, there he is a bit devoid of national colors. Bourgeois sincerely believe that cake with a no filling on top – of their national dish. I remember the movies about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, where these reptiles after a tiring day (gang smashed Schroeder tied the bandits moved across the street … By the same author: Author. my grandmother five times – not passing been) absorbed pizza and feelings of close to orgasm. And, do not remember if they had more than one pizza at a time. As the four turtles zdorovuschie cram it? Movie next dish … – popcorn. From it have created a cult.

In cinema without popcorn – you loser, and the girl goes to the guy with the glass a little more. If you fill it with two gallons of Coke's life completely failed – you can consider yourself the average American. We decided one day with friends is not keep up with the brothers on reason. They built a movie house-party, nazharili basin (pravda-pravda!) popcorn, 12 liters of cola …

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