Short Story

8th international poetry and short story contest rules 1.-Podran participate Argentine and foreign authors, residing anywhere in the world. 2. The works should be written in the Spanish language. They must be unpublished and not selected as finalists in previous competitions in my writings. 3.

Each author may participate in both genders, with a single work by genre. The maximum length shall be the following: poetry: up to 35 story lines: up to 70 lineas4.-participation is free and gratuita.5-works and data of the participant must be sent by email to follows: * in a word (called work) file the / s work/s to compete, bracket for A4 paper, with font Times New Roman, size 12, (no special formatting to text: tabs, borders, shading, etc.), with symmetric margins of 3 cm each, without any identification of the author.** In another file Word (called author), full personal details of the participant: surname and name, full address, telephone (fixed and mobile), e-mail. Those who do not have email can submit work and data on a CD or floppy disk on behalf of Cristina Beatriz Monte, Av. Chiclana 3499, 3 rd floor, Department B, postal code 1260, autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Those who do not have a PC, may send their typewritten participation, at the above-mentioned address. Not send curriculum because it cannot be taken into account at the time of the evaluation of the work by members of the jurado.6.-There are the following prizes: 1st prize plaque and Diploma Grades 2-5 Prize medal and Diploma mentions of Honor Diploma finalists certificate 7.-the registration period will close on 31 August 2009, which account shall be the date of the postmark, where applicable.8. The jury will be integrated by local writers. Its decision will be final.

9.-Editions my writings will pay for editing the resulting anthologies of the contest, by which to register the author is authorizing the publication of your work. The acquisition of copies of the anthology is not mandatory or binding to the results of the competition since it will be presented at the same awards ceremony. 10. The Act of awards and official presentation of the anthology will be date, time and place to designate. 13 Involving single author accepts these conditions. Any circumstance not envisaged in these will be settled by my writings at their discretion only. Jorge Perez may also support this cause. 14. For enquiries contact original author and source of the article.

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