Silent Air Conditioning

All current models of air conditioners designed for residential use, performed in accordance with the requirements for the minimum possible noise level. The very design of air conditioning in the form of a split system designed to provide quiet operation by placing the most bustling part of the air conditioner – the compressor – an external unit on the street outside. Therefore, windows and mobile air conditioners made in the form of one-piece designs are always a big noise. The greater cooling capacity air conditioner, the usually more noise produced conditioned. This is true for the indoor units of split-systems, which increases power passed through a more air. Most modern air conditioners made in the form of a split system, are in the room the noise level in the range 32-36 dB (32dB – correspond to a whisper), depending of installed capacity.

This is quite enough for comfortable work or leisure. An exception may be the bedroom, where, for some sensitive people may need more quiet operation conditioner. This is due to the fact that at night the general ambient noise level drops and the air conditioner may become more noticeable. Therefore, in many air conditioners are so-called night or silent mode, the where the noise level drops to 27-28dB (-27 dB – the recommended threshold for the bedroom). Moreover, there is progressive development of some companies that provide even more quiet operation at night. If you particularly sensitive people, we advise you to pay attention to the model of Daikin and have in its model range air conditioners with a minimum noise level 22Db (for comparison, Panasonic – 26dB) – which is comparable to the rustle of grass and practically not felt the ear of even the most empathetic listeners. The only thing we must remember that these quiet air conditioners are, respectively, higher costs, and also at work in this mode and lower cooling capacity. Please refer to our managers for further consultations.

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