Soap Operas and Latino TV

It has been said that the two novice players have posed the tough and mature technical team, the cast and the Headmaster, who collected the extreme patience on track to have rhythm and professionalism required in the production, and to everyone's surprise, he has responded with greater vehemence and dedication to his new role as an actress, was undoubtedly the beautiful and charismatic Taliana Vargas. A hook in the production of "Fortuna Chepe" what is the return to a soap opera Endry Cardenas, the most famous Transvestite Latino TV, catapulted to fame on the soap opera-comedy adapted "Los Reyes", after shares interesting two films: "Dead Fright (Caracol film) and" Cheila, a house pa 'Maite "filmed in Venezuela. Also the special participation of Julio Meza, one of the most beloved reality winners "X Factor", and more striking when one takes into account that all newcomers have the support of a heavyweight cast that are : Kristina Lilley, Margalida Castro, Judy Henriquez, Consuelo Luzardo, Gerardo Calero, Florina Lemaitre, Rafael Cardozo, Bruno Diaz, Lorna Cepeda, Rodrigo Candamil, Pedro Palacio, Camila Zarate, Mabel Moreno Vetto Galvez, Luis Tamayo, Aycardi Luigi, Roberto and Manuel Cuello Busquet. Particularly I think it must be "Chepe Fortuna" the soap opera between himself to effectively strengthen the leadership that RCN recovery in the coveted triple strip, taking advantage of the remarkable success achieved so far by the telenovela "Amor sincere," she made sure his detractors and some critics skeptical reluctantly rethink their bad omens prior to launch, and subsequent criticism unfounded, for the simple fact that it is, they say, of a soap opera "guise" (naca) without any grace, as production or quality television. But as viewers have the last word, tastes, colors, and on television, telenovelas, without doubt, the soap operas of regional courts, the stop command and command on rating. Does it became clear lords of RCN and Caracol?, Who does not listen to sincere advice from a wise telenovela, a sure defeat is to be aimed..

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