Space Mountain

That's why many think that jeans are suitable for almost all events. But this is not true. Pants or corduroy pants – very comfortable, stylish and demonstrate respect for others, especially to your guests. In addition, they are perfectly suited to your new leather jacket. Good casual wear.

We do not suggest you spend a fortune on clothes for all occasions. But you should be such clothing, which is suitable for biking, jogging, hiking or playing hockey with your friends. The game you take with you the necessary equipment, and thus you must make sure that you have: waterproof and windproof jacket, sweater, T-shirt from high quality material (not cotton), two Lares shorts that you wear to the gym or hiking, tights, jogging or biking, and besides all this new pair sneakers. If you have it all, you can appear anywhere, anytime – and you will feel comfortable, stylish, in general, the master of the situation. Coats of good quality. We understand that the coat is now cheap, but you also do not have to wear a sport coat with a hood for a suit, even if it is very cheap.

Pay attention to the demi-season jacket or coat, such as Burberry trench with winter lining, which can be attached or detach, and you can wear it year round. How to become stylish? Dispose of clothing! We know perfectly well that every one of you, dear man, in clothes you can find the most horrible clothes. And now take a deep breath, because it's time to part with it! Apparel featuring cartoon characters. You that, six years You should not dress like you just returned from Space Mountain to everyone noticed that you have been there, you wear a cap, shirt or tie, which was brought out.

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