Straight Ahead Band

I think you added to the sound of the album more New Orleans sound inviting the Earl Palmer on the drums. Spurs is likely to increase your knowledge. – Earl – of course, since he knew of the Jordan, and generally the whole atmosphere around him, he really helped me. – The disc came out very warm and sincere and I think that this would result in a large amount of material. – Yes, we have recorded only eighteen songs – Wow! And how do you choose which ones – I did not choose. The album is the producer – Stuart Levine, and when all was ready, together we decided that the best fit. It seems that we pick up such things that no longer enjoy the youth and all people who are not very aware of the Jordan. I think they’ll get even more than the Louis put into these songs.

– I think so too. He was more known for his jive and jump blues, but his songs such as ‘Early In The Morning’ or ‘Pretty Straight Ahead’, they – Yes, they are really good. – Music with new album (in the performance of the Jordan) was in the forties is very popular on American radio, Louis Jordan recorded many of his songs in the company ‘Decca’. He did, it turns out, collected at one time a big band – do you know about his career leader big band? – Well, of course, he had a cool band, and actually that’s the thing that I do, ‘How Blue Can You Get‘, I first once heard in the performance of his big band.

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