Study Of Tourism

Therefore it does not have cost to usufruct of space or transport. The study of the tourism, in turn, it cannot be disentailed of the study of the leisure. Retaking an argument initiated higher up, the tourism is an activity that if places in the scope amplest of the leisure. The decisions to make tourism give the times to it in set with some activities of leisure of the people (example: to travel to go to the Beto Careiro World) and – always – in detriment of others (example: to follow/to participate of events or activities in the proper city of residence instead of travelling). She is necessary, therefore, to also understand with sufficient depth the question of the leisure and the use of the time, so that if it can better point out, analyze and manage practical on ones to the tourism. Here, Tony Parker expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The management of enterprises as thematic parks, an example between many others, cannot do without studies in the area of the leisure, therefore these parks can be placed in the tourist route or concur with them.

According to Dumazedier the three types of leisure. The three D: * Rest: it liberates of the fatigue, generated in the scope of the work. * Diversion: it liberates of the tdio and the monotony of the daily activity. * Personal development: development of the personality becoming them capable to participate of social and cultural activities without no interest. These three functions directed to the tourism make possible the employee to usufruct of spaces for the leisure being that in some times it are of the last resident locality for a tourist activity. So that it has tourism and leisure consumption, it is necessary that the people have filled in first place all its vital necessities, I stop what they must spend part of its monthly income. Occurring inside of the free time of end-of-week or vacation.

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