Sun Microsystems

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Sun facilities in the LinuxTag 2004, Karlsruhe, Germany
Sun Microsystems is a Silicon Valley computer company, manufacturer of semiconductors and software. Was founded in 1982 by German Andreas von Bechtolsheim and Vinod Khosla Americans, Bill Joy, Scott McNealy and Marcel Newman. SUN is the acronym derived from “Stanford University Network, a project that was created to interconnect the network of libraries at Stanford University. In that year entered the market with its first work station since its inception working with TCP / IP protocol which governs all Internet traffic.
The company currently has approximately 31,000 employees worldwide (as of end of fiscal year 2005). Became famous for the slogan to “The network is the computer ‘(‘ the network is the computadora ). Its current stock market value of technology is slightly on the Nasdaq 3 billion U.S. dollars (December 2008), and its annual sales amount to 11 billion dollars.
Some of their products have been servers and workstations for SPARC processors, operating systems and Solaris SunOS, NFS, Java platform and programming in conjunction with ATandT, standardization of UNIX System V Release 4. Besides other projects might be less profitable as a new graphical environment, news or the graphical user interface. .

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