Tamagotchi Mania

The era of handheld virtual pets began in 1996 when the Japanese company unveiled a new toy BanDai – Tamagotchi. In the bright plastic case the size and shape resembling a hen's egg, lived a little a virtual creature, whose life is now totally dependent on its host. The earliest models were quite primitive Tamagotchi. Pocket alien could develop into one of several characters, depending on the how quickly the owner fed him, entertaining and cleaning. However, despite the fact that a pet might make a few simple steps, Tamagotchi took their place in the lives of many people who are used to forget about their own affairs and needs, just to please the pixel favorite. There were, however, and the negative side: a lack of attention Tamagotchi could die, which is particularly strong effect on children, is quick to become attached to your pet.

However, the Tamagotchi boom just as quickly extinguished – by the end of the twentieth century toy industry was halted, and almost forgot about them. Tamagotchi but not sunk into oblivion! In 2004, pocket pets reappeared on the shelves, keeping charm of the first generation Tamagotchi, and adding to it something new. Second-generation Tamagotchi can be fed different types of products, buy them clothes and toys, taking them to school and choose their jobs. The number of mini games has grown significantly, in addition, the opportunity to connect with each other Tamagotchi on the IR port, so pets can visit one another, give gifts, compete and even create a family! The owners of the most new models can send your Tamagotchi virtual pet Tamataun – Tamagotchi Town for online, where your pet can earn money Gochi-and find some interesting items. On the amateur pocket pets always tried to cash in numerous pirates, producing cheap imitations, often quite strongly similar to the original. Forgery can be so successful that it is possible to calculate it only after the launch of toys and detection very limited functionality.

Attract buyers usually cheaper prices, so if Tamagotchi is suspiciously small – it is an occasion to examine more closely the toy before you buy. But we must understand that not all virtual pets are either the original Tamagotchi, or fakes. Many big companies produce, and even continue to produce their own pocket virtual pets, and although the basic idea, they certainly borrowed from BanDai, yet in most of these toys and have a unique design and interesting features not found in Tamagotchi. Perhaps today's Tamagotchi time will launch a new wave of interest in virtual pets, although nowadays it is a little problem more difficult, because the present generation of spoiled computer games with graphics and heaped advanced gameplay. While it may be, and vice versa, and mzabavny simple virtual friend – exactly what you want for digital beauties of pampered children. And in fact, Tamagotchi is not as simple as it sounds! Learn more about these toys online Encyclopedia of virtual pets.

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