Tattoo Of Stars

Traditionally, tattoos cause much controversy in society. Someone thinks their beautiful, but someone they seem vulgar. Someone boldly decorates his body symbols and designs, while others are afraid to do irreparable harm to the beauty and health. Meanwhile, showbiz stars and renowned athletes, do not hesitate to cover his body with tattoos and easily give it up for the show. Perhaps the most conversations in the gossip is about tattoos Angelina Jolie. Many attribute their magical significance and curiously looking at new characters and patterns. And look there for that. Angelina's body is decorated with quotes thinkers, humanists, texts of prayers and Asian designs, symbolizing freedom and equality. Last tattoo actress devoted her foster children. And no one doubts that after the birth of his real daughter, Angelina finds room for a new tattoo. By the way, tattoos after their own children – feature celebrities. Among them, football star David . Being married to Victoria Spice, footballer immediately tattooed on their body of the victorious name. And when the star couple had children, the happy father of three successive tattooed pattern of impressive size with the names of their sons: Romeo, Brooklyn and Cruz. On his son thought and Johnny Depp, when he made his last tattoo with Jack Sparrow. Before participation in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' fans counted on the body Depp more than a dozen pictures and patterns. All they had to cover up because they did not fit the role of a pirate, but to create a more complete image of the wrist printed cloth was painted with the symbol of Jack Sparrow. Depp is so got used to the role and image so fell in love, after filming the actor made a real tattoo and dedicated it to his son, Jack. But even if the patterns on the the bodies of celebrities are not deep sacramental meaning, but simply adorn their arms, legs, bellies, backs and necks of celebrities, long gone are the days when tattoos were a sign of musicians who play hard and anti-social music. Just remember that a dark blue body covered with pictures of pop singer Robbie Williams, pop singer Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

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