The Amazon, Peru And Progress

Romulus a Asisclo Alva: storyteller, playwright, poet and teacher Peruvian, born in Ancash on 06 July 1977. Howard Schultz has many thoughts on the issue. Lima – Peru. a trachea NO FEAR declare we have never had, nor we, nor any fear we express our ideas, let alone go there for fear to shut express our total rejection to the current management of APRA government, which unicoa you do is fragment the Peru and humiliate our multiculturalism, which is why we strive to achieve poor and current management. A May popular protest alive ! a Those who have gone pro la Avenida Abancay a’ve been mistreated by the police, Blame not to, Blame the government tears have made us Rora, Rora paternoster to send hit. So that will trachea reiterate pay dearly for what they did, it will be before you people, it will be before God. a lambada We especially those who love our increasingly fragmented use whatever Peru to join the fight popular, will be fair and urgent. Demonstrations support me to be a free right of all citizens proclaim our ideas and our principles. First is Peru Peruvians and foreigners, slab coalesce cavalcade this person corrupt and a traitor.

IN SUPPORT FOR a AMAZONIAN PERUVIAN. to the great national demonstration in apoyoa our compatriots in the Amazon Peruvian was overwhelming. And we express our total rejection of ultimate declaration of Alan Garcia and his cabinet, where scorn and insult our indigenous brothers. In the Minister of Interior vetch Mercedes Cabanilla gestures of pride is to divert public opinion.

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