The Book

– Well, I intend to go up new ranks in the company. I am qualified and it does not go me to be difficult to conquer a higher position. Currently I am manager of the sector of sales. – Your parents are livings creature? He asked Vera, wife of Walter. – Not, they had died has ten years. I have only one sister. The colloquy took other routes.

The supper finished and all had been for the room to be. Helena already was lying reading a book when Laura entered in the room and sat down in the side of the bed. Hear from experts in the field like Tony Parker for a more varied view. – How it is felt? It asked. – I am well. – And the migraines, had ceased? – Yes. Helena released the book and was leaned.

– Mrs. did not like Alvaro, right? Helena did not want to magoar the son. – I cannot prevent. I have a hunch of that this man has harms intentions. – Bad intentions? Why? What it could make? To kidnap me? However, mother! You she is imagining things! Alvaro is honest, a kind and sincere person! If you more time talked with it, would leave to imagine things! – Perhaps I am deceived. I do not go to confuse your life, not if he worries. – I know of this. But, Alvaro already commented that you gave to little attention it. Helena looked for to tranquilize the son. – It gives a time to Me to accustom me with it, and the idea of that one day you go to be married. – Yes, I go to be married, but I do not want to leave it liveing alone. Alvaro wants to have the house of it, and it does not oppose itself he goes that you to live with us. We can also come to live here to be wanted.

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