The Carthaginians

Third was saved by a miracle, but then realized it was because of the low value of its head. From the beginning I was not sure, but this confirmed it. The fair that was in front of the group was one of the generals, Paulo Emilio, therefore spared their lives to go in search of Roman consul. Third lost his horse, which ran wildly when he had fallen. Was able to find his spear and shield.

I had to take refuge somewhere, because I was exposed to enemy cavalry. Fortunately, the enormous and profound training of the infantry were in front. As he went running towards her. With him were a dozen fair that were in the same situation. Some even kept their horses.

Upon reaching the ranks, could feel a great relief. He tried to look ahead, but the huge crowd, with the annoying dust and into the sun prevented him from observing what was happening. A optio noticed that many men were looking at the Equitable in the ranks, many of them wounded, probably nervous to see that the cavalry was defeated, so he approached to ask about the Legion situation. Third was surprised that the general life was his greatest concern. After being harassed by the Balearic slingers, the Hannibal's forces were preparing for battle. Only managed to capture a third wave of spears that rose towards the enemy. Thousands of pilum were launched and gladius drawn. The war begins again. The Carthaginians fought bravely but could not contain the strength and drive of eight legions.

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