The Importance Of Dreaming

Dreaming Is Important. When life becomes a common element, you live mechanically. The days passed and nothing new brought to it. The earth rotates like a top and moving from one place to another, while those who have stopped dreaming do not differ much land as they go from one place to another, without knowing why or wherefore. Nothing is magical or fantasy, as it was in adolescence. Maybe because at that stage was living every moment as if it were your last and there were no time to live or enjoy it on another occasion. It gives all of himself.

The moments were magical. The uncertainty was a goddess and every challenge was an adventure. The sun shone and made you look like a torch. Now I ask and wonder why you stopped dreaming? Why are the years you become like the others? I wonder and I wonder. What if the state is not what you think what makes you look like this? Or make me look the way you think? no dreamer dream bigger than anyone who has tried everything, and that effort seems futile because they do not been achieved.

What do you call that dream and has been conquered? Tal Vez lucky. But that dream has not been habiendolos still dreams as anyone else’s dreams, you might call it the dreamer. Because the dreamer is one who dreams that all your dreams will come true and your faith allows you to see your dreams soon but were not themselves or others because they never ceased to dream his own dream for a dream up or dream of another. But lived for his dream. That is, in his own dream that dream is now more than a dream come true. If this gives you’re not a dreamer dream, to dream because you believe it more than others, you dream more than they could get to dream it, because as you do not dream is critical. When left to dream died for himself and others, for not knowing or not knowing dream fight for their dreams above all else. Not you can dream, because they know you live when you dream, dream no longer like them. Because your dreams are dead, homeless and hopeless. While you and your dreams are alive, protected for you and hope that through this tribulation stout makes you sigh, take a breath to begin to dream again. If you want to be a dreamer not stop dreaming because if you’re dead. If you dream you’re alive now lives for you and your dreams so that your dreams are dreamed by others who dare to dream a dream that is not defeated because it is always still dreaming itself. and if it makes you sleepy, go to sleep … … … … … … … … … … … ……………………. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo ……………..

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