The Leisure In Our Lives

To leave spaces of leisure in our daily labor task is fundamental so that the mind finds that backwater that needs not to fall in some psychic upheaval. Roxana Kreimer, doctor in social sciences assures that ” the free man is the one that has its life to enjoy activities that are an aim in itself; meaning that they are not developed only in exchange for money and that makes vida” total; Or Aristotle considered that he gave the less to satisfaction the activities that did not have an aim in itself as she would be the one to make fame or money. Modern science corroborates east concept. Today, the specialists speak of ” time creativo” hierarchizing its concept because it is the time to play and therefore the best one. They consider that the great discoveries and advances have become in that time that is independent of the obligations. The ideal is to find a leisure that implies a level of challenge without taking us to the exigency. The intrinsic pleasure of the activity as Hungarian psychologist Mihly Cskszentmihlyiy would say whom he baptized like ” fluir”.

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