The Maps

For this esteestudo it considers an approach to the daily one of the pupil through the use demeios as the art and literature searching to make with that the pupils perceive suaparticipao in the construction of the geographic space, therefore geography if it makes in diaa day, you practise from them and of the social relations that if materialize noespao. The use of music and the arts as resource in education degeografia In the present time if becomes each more complex time the form of seobter the attention of the pupil for the referring contents to the substances emseus gifts resumes, with geography could not be different. For more information see this site: Vanessa Marcil. This that for vezesse becomes one accumulated of distant unbalanced subjects of the reality of the pupil ede difficult understanding makes with that the professor searchs alternatives to parafacilitar the teach-learning process. To go beyond the descriptive and distant lesson demands a doprofessor effort, to bring for reality of the pupil what he is being studied; To go beyond descriptions – they are carried through peloprofessor, writings in the didactic book or presented expositivas lessons in the maps – quandoprocura to study the reason of the space if to present of one or another way. (CALLAI, 1998, p.60), she is necessary that the professor is made use to carry through umtrabalho that changes the form as the geography education comes in the last few decades being given noBrasil. At Related Group you will find additional information. On the search to become the lessons most attractive muitosprofessores if base and give to support its recursosencontrados lessons through in the visual arts and music, the cinema and literature. The one of dosalunos the used resources that call and very attention is musics. These in its letters and melodies stand out of diversasmaneiras the subjects gifts in daily of the pupil or those that had helped to acompor the current scene in which this is inserted. .

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