The Modern Ideology Of The Younger Generation

Kultura.O punk punk culture can say many things. This movement originated as a protest to the distant 70th in the U.S., not Britain, as some mistakenly .Pank culture originated as a protest, and was such certain time has not yet become popular, and has not been "subdued" Television and the press. After this started to become popular term punk's not dead, which is very often heard, and now, mostly in trendy pop compositions music. Subkultura.Kultura skinhead was born to punk culture. Basis mainly consider the end of the 60th, when merged with the British "fashion" and the Jamaican "ore-fighting." Flourishing subculture of skinheads, the vast majority of believe occurred in 1969 in England.

In the former ussr, the term "skinhead" is often associated with the term "Nazi". This is emphatically not true. There are several groups of skinheads and only some of them susceptible to Nazi ideals and goals. Others are divided into those who fight against racial prejudice, for the socialist dream and ideals, for the original ideals and objectives of the skinhead subculture (apolitical, as an example). Today time, subcultural movement is not as developed as before. In all likelihood, it is typical for the modern generation, which is under the continuous influence of the press and television and radio. Or, in all probability, just changed the world. On the internet you can find many punk sites and portals informal, but most of them do not correspond to what is called "punk".

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