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If the aspirant Mitt Romney or Barack Obama re-elected would have to compete in these elections against some of the fictional United States Presidents, had it even harder. Harrison Ford or Morgan Freeman are the actors who have portrayed on the big screen the favorite Presidents of moviegoers. However, when it comes to electing an actor as President, regardless of his works, the name that comes to the fore in the first place is of Denzel Washington. This emerges from a survey published by the web The Credits, belonging to The Motion Picture Association of America Association which includes the largest producers and film and television studios.

Among the actors whose roles of leaders more liked, there is a clear winner: Harrison Ford. 23% Of survey participants has elected to the protagonist of Air Force One as the fictional President who would vote if it occurred. After Harrison Ford, this curious survey voters have elected to Morgan Freeman, who was the President Beck de Deep Impact as their favorite candidate to occupy the White House. Bill Pullman, the long-suffering leader who had to face an alien threat on Independance Day appears in third place. The choices were many and varied. Since President Jet Barlow – to which Martin Sheen the West Wing of the White House, put face up to women who have played fictional Presidents as Geena Davis in the series of TV Madam President. But this was not only asking the survey.

Also wanted to know what would be the actor would you elect as President of the United States, regardless of whether it would or not played this role in fiction ever. And here the winner isn’t Harrison Ford. The favorite was Denzel Washington. With 7.4% of the votes, Washington is left at the front of the list above the other two actors who complete the triplet: Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood. That breakdown of the origin of the votes, Yes, we see how Denzel Washington’s come in 62% of females, and the pull of the protagonist’s Training Day among women is undeniable. The ideal against an alien invasion in addition, the survey also interrogates Internet users about a possible alien invasion. Faced with an alien threat, if voters were required to put their fates in the hands of some fictional character chosen would three. Firstly, Samuel L. Jackson, for her role in snakes on a plane. If visitors arrive someday to submit to us, the readers of The Credits would trust their lives to the protagonist of that film co-starring Elsa Pataky. After the character inerpretado by Jackson, finally became a woman. The exterminadora of zombies in Resident Evil, starring Mila Jovovich, would be the second option for these readers. And finally, the long-suffering father portrayed by Tom Cruise in La Guerra of the worlds of Spielberg would be the third option to save earthlings from extermination.

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