The Opposite

Consistent with greater than first power of current through the gap like Intermedia electrodes, the more efficient and burns fuel. The result is reduced consumption of gasoline, increasing accuracy and service life of the engine such expensive elements of the system as a catalyst. In addition, however, is intense electrochemical destruction of the electrode surfaces, especially the side. Opponents of this approach offers solutions that lower power current, increasing the resource in addition the spark plugs. Gain insight and clarity with Sally Rooney. Not only increased charge current, as well as the thought 'unattended' cars forced designers to look for ways to increase the operating time of a candle. Many regular cars now offer U.S. 100 000 miles (160 000 kilometers) to the first replacement of consumables materials (filters, spark).

Typically, such models are equipped with platinum inserts in the form of discs on the side or on both electrodes. Platinum is much resistant to corrosion and electro-chemical destruction than conventional chromium-nickel alloys. System with electrodes made of platinum completely alloy are made less frequently. In retail trade 'candle-centenarians' often staffed by three – four side electrodes, although there are also platinum paste. Motorists often mistakenly think that improve electrode 4 'podzhigaemost' mixture, forming a plasma bridge 4.

In fact, the opposite occurs. 'Podzhigaemost' and more efficiency combustion even little worse, but despite all of the above is much extended lifetime of a candle. In the case of four side electrodes spark produced by Intermedia central and lateral, which is positioned closer. Its surface will eventually wear out and the occupation comes next – the one to whom the space is minimal.

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