The Organization

The way to play of the children is another factor of development of the alfabetizao. Playing of the children is not only one diversion, playing must be faced as the work of the young, where they explore the world of itself same, acquires new abilities, at last, playing provides good chances to learn, to use and to practise the alfabetizao. The imaginative games involving ' ' they make of conta' ' it is essential so that if it produces so that if it produces learning: The form to teach encloses and comment of the child in classroom or other activities as physical education, artistic education and recreation. It must be verified as the child plays. To hear what it has to say, to hear the colloquies of the children between itself, to try to perceive as they see the world, as organize its way to think, which its logic, to allow that it manipulates diverse objects, that put into motion and learn the different contents, using its entire body. In society we emphasize the verbal relation sufficiently and we privilege verbal language for the information transmission. The more emphasis if to give to the use of the language verbal, but competent will be the child to learn according to this strategy.

The process of learning and development of the child is resultant of the forms of legal production of the interactions that if establish in function of the organization of the group, has learning for spontaneous generation in the child. Cognitivamente, the contents need to be organized and to be integrated to the body of knowledge of the child. that is carried through by the action of the other and the action of the proper child who plays an important role in the formularization of its proper knowledge, but does not carry through it alone, therefore during all the process the professor must make possible the pupil to participate actively of learning process.

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