The Rusga

The Rusga was a social movement occurrence in Mato Grosso, in the year of 1834. This revolt happened during the regencial period. I intend in this singelo article to leave clearly that it was not a revolution because did not have real interests of the population and yes joints politics. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Adam Sandler. This movement was stopped between two groups liberal verses the conservatives one represented the society of the zealous ones, the other the filantrpica society, both disputed the power politician in singela cuiabana province, the liberal ones defended the continuity of the monarchy, under the figure of D. Peter II, the conservatives in turn defended the monarchic government and fought so that the executive was strongest of the empire. Valley to remember that another basic reason for ecloso of rusga it was the poverty and the insalubridade that the majority of the local population lived, these lower groups were unsatisfied and stimulated for these groups politicians they had made this movement that marks matogrossense local history, valley to stand out that a revolution for not having been of matrix cannot be considered transforming and it did not get resulted that it reflected in the mass population. Recently san-antonio-spurs sought to clarify these questions. In the dictionary palavre rusga siginica racket, clutter and confusion and was accurately what it happened;

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