Tomas Edison

Many years ago a young boy came to the central Office of the Western Union (Telegraph Company) and prayed to the receptionist to let him see the Superintendent, Mr Miliken. The Secretariat was to the Mr. Miliken Office and said to him:-a fairly rustic boy want to view it. It is Port Huron and is called the Tomas Edison. -Make it go now, Miss was the answer, recalling the letter of application for employment as the youngster had him so beautifully written some days earlier. When shots entered, Mr. Miliken couldn’t help take a look from head to toe, because it was disheveled, with patched trousers and quite worn out shoes. How was it possible a so careless young write as well?, asked the Superintendent.

And when Thomas sat for the exam of speed as a telegraph operator, other operators stopped to laugh at the poor boy appearance, because what they hoped was to make the role of a mere beginner. But mocking laughter began to silence when they saw the messages went out to a speed increasing from Edison’s hands. The secret: He had a habit of focusing on what I did, and in his hometown practiced 18 hours a day, making him a true expert 1. As we all know, the brilliant career of Tomas Edison term not in the telegraph office, but his enthusiasm against the work and his habit of giving more than itself, what followed always, therefore, he became one of the greatest inventors of all time, benefiting us even us. It seems to me that the lesson is clear: the real success is guaranteed for anyone who is willing to work with enthusiasm, to give more of himself and to pursue opportunities that will lead to its most precious goals. So it only remains for me a question to make: the next time you touch us to perform a task, however small that may seem, we will use only one hand or are going to use the two? 1 History taken from the book: wisdom for today, Sergio V.

Collins. P. 93. Original author and source of the article.

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