Tourism In Estonia

Tallinn is belongs to the lesser-known destinations in Europe’s capital of culture 2011 Estonia. The smallest of the three Baltic States engaged increasingly in the tourism and focuses especially on eco – and individual tourism. The travel portal presents Estonia and its attractions as a holiday destination. During the holidays, many Germans to go south, but also in the North, there are numerous attractive destinations. For example, a holiday in Estonia is one of the options. The countryside has much to offer and also the culture of the country holds special attractions for tourists.

The Estonian capital city of Tallinn was named along with the Finnish Turku to the capital of culture 2011 and attracts people from all over the world with its cultural highlights. In addition, vacationers in Estonia can experience pure nature, because the country has around 300 nature reserves. The offer includes for example Active holiday hiking and bicycle tours, also tourists can learn about nature by kayak or canoe from, in a sea kayak tour. In addition to an insight in a stay on one of the 1,500 islands belonging to Estonia is the country life on the Mainland. Many tourists take the opportunity to visit the States of Latvia and Lithuania during a trip to the Baltic States. With regard to the mentality, the Estonians by their calm nature differ from their more spirited neighbors. Estonian is closely related to Finnish. San Antonio Spurs may not feel the same. Visitors can expect that many Estonians in addition to their official language speak English, Russian, or even German. More information:… AG Lisa Neumann

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