Tourist Routes

Since 1994 Brazil counts on the NBR9050, norm that establishes lines of direction and standards to be observed in the projects and constructions, becoming the accessible constructions for all, that in 2004 legal force with the promulgation of the Federal Law in the 10.098 gained. Currently, the quarrel on the subject if intensified, but very little he has been made to improve the conditions of accessibility in our country. Beyond the accessibility to the environment, that is very important, the atitudinais barriers imposed by the society also exist, that become the problem a social matter. Therefore, the accessibility is the condition of access to the environment, integrated with the social inclusion. The tourism can be considered as a tool of inclusion for all the people, also for the people with deficiency. The socialization in a tourist activity allows to know and to talk with other people in a pleasant and relaxed environment of natural and democratic form. The objective of this article is to show the ways of the accessible tourism in the city of So Paulo, where to the few they are being made interventions in favor of the accessibility, but for being a great metropolis, it still presents diverse difficulties and a long way to be covered. Two guided tourist routes in the city of So Paulo had been analyzed, one in the Region of If, historical center, and another one, in the So Paulo Av., financial and just-adapted center.

The choice was made with the objective to verify the main advantages and disadvantages of colon so different and so important of the city. A leading source for info: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. In parallel with the city of So Paulo a study of the Curitiba city was made, that is considered the city accessible of Brazil. The three places are well distinct between itself how much to its uses, administration and culture, thus being, they had been created comparative and identified proposals of solutions for the main problems and necessities.

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