Tourist Space

In first metodolgica order, the bibliographical survey is a basic necessity, that the landscape analyzes, its identity and clarification of the ideas of the tourism the idea at as a moment is to present the meanings of: analyses, properties, types and the description, the used bibliography of the book Planning of the Tourist Space, of Robert Boullon, who, together, with the tourism obtains to describe the landscape of the natural way, but at a first moment, are tried to incase the idea in the urban way. So that thus at one third moment characterization of the area of study together with the interpretations of these data, is obtained to point the characterization of the landscape in the city of Irati-PR. The photos had been selected by the proper authors. If you would like to know more about Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, then click here. For Murta and Albano (2002, p.9): ‘ ‘ (…) the tourist experience is strong visual, the look of the visiting search to find the singularity of the place, its marcantes symbols and meanings. The environments, over all the cities, must be seen as an enigma to be unmasked by the exploration, as a text to be interpreted by explorador.’ ‘ Therefore, it aims at to the topical analysis of the landscape, with all the joined item according to Boullon (2002, p.124), with a great amount of information on the natural environment, having four factors being, topography, type of vegetation, climate and habitat. The topography (relief of the land, morphology of the land), ‘ ‘ one mentions the different forms to it that the terrestrial crust can assume, being the one of the extremities plain and another one the high mountains, passing for one series of intermediate formations that, for its singularity, can be transformed into the paisagstico element (…)..

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