All I managed to extract – the cost of which will be 16 U.S. dollars per 2,000 characters. Everything else – a mystery that depends on the all-powerful interpreter and his employment moment. On the same issue, I decided to go in Translation "Trees," where he again heard the phrase about the workload of an interpreter. From the above concluded that the value, or rather priceless people who know Romanian language. Nevertheless, I got the answer to my question almost entirely.

While me and warned that the move from a rare Romanian cheaper 90 UAH. for a standard A4 sheet will not be. Even more original is prepare for the fact that after evaluating the transfer price could be slightly or significantly (depending on the urgency of the order) increase. Romanian language test, I decided to continue to communicate with Translation "ABC". The venture failed miserably, as the Romanian language is not included in the range of translation services office. To call has not proved to be useless, she decided to ask the rates for standard Russian (Ukraine)-English translations.

The potential client in the translation must be prepared to pay 4.5 cents for a standard, and 5 cents per translated word specific. Order "for tomorrow" is paid to the double tariff. Rate of accepted criteria itself is not resolved – in fact delivered to the job the company failed. With the latter, the fifth task, well managed and Translation "Gulf Stream" and "Lingo." Probably because that job does not go beyond the non-standard – translation from English into Ukrainian charter documents of the company. Despite the unusual volume of 300 pages. In Translation "Gulfstream" I once again explained the benefits of a transfer man, of course, if you do not "draw in" time, because when it does quality work no less than two months. I offered to send for evaluation of the text in any convenient form by fax or e-mail. Pleasant addition to the first impression was a complete introduction to pricing: regular price – 42 hryvnia for 1860 characters plus spaces and nuances of notarization. Of course, all this fun if 70% of prepaid services. It should be noted that the question of money was raised by itself, not obsessive, and somehow not demanding. The same approach to every customer and pleasant conversations I was waiting in the BS "Lingo". And I pre-warned that the transfer may be delayed. In connection with the This to me not to disturb the working process, you need to make copies of documents. That, in principle, possible to do in the office of the translation. In general, full and clear picture of the problem. The only thing that surprised – the system of payment. Counting the cost is not the basis of standard pages and the number of characters and strings – 2.28 UAH. for one line of translated text. Thus ended another crash-test a theory of first impressions. How it meets the Indeed, potential customers can evaluate their own experience. Of course, those companies which have been reviewed not particularly flattering can refer to the "difficult period at work" or any other reason. But still I want to emphasize again that the attempt to neutralize the negative, received the first communication is much more complicated than the "fall in love with" a potential customer from the first spoken word. More information about the translations from foreign languages

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