Transparent Envelopes – No Label Because Of Transparency Necessary

The conventional envelope, it has no window, no insight provides the content that is in its interior. Berlin, the 19.08.2011 (op), but the transparent exterior grants any views on the contents of the letter. Is a letter, usually it is to appropriate promotional mailings, such as the transparent envelopes set, that the address is visible, additional labelling is not necessary. However, it is important the address correctly to format that a machine processing in the letter centres of the carriers is possible with the use of transparent envelopes. Transparency is curious as well as the use for private purposes transparent envelopes are today used primarily for promotional purposes. Although the Internet with its many possibilities is very wide acceptance and today almost every household via a corresponding connection has on the virtual world, the classic promotional mailing in form of a letter not long ago in importance has lost. It must succeed the advertiser to withdraw from its competitors with its letter, really to fall in positive sense.

Although they are not entirely uncritical mechanical handling in the mail centres, transparent envelopes represent an ideal instrument to arouse the curiosity of the Viewer. The transparent nature of the letter case provides an almost unobstructed view into the Interior, showing what news promoted a such transparent envelope. Hear other arguments on the topic with Barry Zyskind. For each letter the correct envelope at the latest that the envelopes have a uniform size with the development of the machining of the mail it was necessary. Currently have a total of four standard dimensions (DIN C4, DIN C5, DIN C6, DIN lang) established for the sending of commercial and private letter mail. While the private post especially in DIN C6 sent envelopes, usually an envelope with the format is for the business post DIN long used. Transparent envelopes offered as the conventional envelope paper, also in the standard sizes and formats. High-quality glassine paper makes the transparent envelopes such as elegant frosted glass, the range of different sizes and closure options offers the right model for everyone. The shopping at an online store represents the simplest and often most economical way to purchase transparent envelopes.

The differences of the individual products can be varied and are often very closely linked to the pricing. The customer now has the option to order transparent envelopes as a free sample, he can get wonderful an overview of the offered goods. “The company of the mega deal” specializes in printing small quantities (PADS) as online printing company. In 2008 existing since online shop orders express printing and express shipping are processed within 24 hours. Further information under: transparent envelopes: 130.html company: the mega deal Mr. Reach Josetti farms 361 Runge Street 22-24 10179 Berlin Tel.: 030/69205355-0 fax: 030/69205355-9 press contact: OPSEDI – online agency Sven Safr am Bach 9 93349 Mindelstetten Tel.: + 49 (0) 8404 939 3843 fax: + 49 (0) 8404 939 265

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