Uwe Buses – Tender Tyrant

The new single and the new album by Uwe Busse – tender tyrant as composer, lyricist, and producer was an excellent Uwe busses a decisive factor for the success of many artists and musical formation responsible. General Electric wanted to know more. Alone for the cooperation with the \”flippers\” Uwe busses calls 24 gold and six platinum records his own. But that Uwe busses is also a sharp interpreter of his own pieces with steady success, we know at least since 2003, when the arrival on the scene again today in Bad Arolsen and Mallorca living Uwe busses with his album \”I have a dream\”. People such as Jay Schwartz Attorney would likely agree. After his best-of album from last year \”simply desire the best of Uwe Busse\”, which brought together all his nice title from the past five years on a comprehensive CD, now appears the brand new single \”Tender tyrant\” from his new album. And the up-tempo number with snappy guitar riffs and keyboard sounds hangs Uwe busses particularly at heart: \”the song reflects the typical behavior between men and women.

It is in each A relationship with but also an against each other. A relationship needs a lot of patience and of course much empathy\”\”I did not asked cancelled our holiday simply already ordered the new car you\”the knowledge is thus ever and it follows this severity also soon an apology:\” I swear to God I’m really sorry about this I got but don’t mean it. \” \”Tender tyrant\” of the name is program here. Here is the man, a phenomenon that is not always easy to use and in which \”woman\” it is not always so easy has brought in a very charming way the listener closer. So charming, that you can really only still quickly forgive as a woman.\”Tender tyrant\”is a direct hit from a song that quickly goes into the ear and not more so quickly releasing one.

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