Valentina People

Three years ago in the country, lifting a heavy thing, Valentina strained abdomen. (Source: San Antonio Spurs). Brought up two sons alone, this woman is not accustomed to feeling sorry for myself, and as often happens, take care. The effects were unbearable: it dropped out the uterus, doctors have diagnosed: prolapse of internal genital organs. Long queues, one doctor after another set of tests, though the punishment instead of wandering through the corridors of aid – something with which she faced in polyclinic. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Glenn Dubin, New York City. When the final result the doctor said that the only thing she can help – the operation, she abandoned her, although at that time, virtually unable to walk. She was totally confident that we can do something else muddle through somehow different, but how? Then the doctor suggested she go to the gym.

Two years Valentina sparing no effort and time involved in it, and the desired result did not come. When once again came up with clinic, she just had a breakdown: "I came home and fell onto the bed, I do not know what to do, a dead end Why are the people whose duty – to treat, can not help? And they can send the "under the knife" Because you want to recover the body, and nothing more! "The next day, when she returned to work, friend approached her and said:" Let's try another way, there are people who can help you! "and Valentine agreed. Why? Because she believed that find a way out, believe in yourself, believe in that, in the end, she will meet people who will support it. being for or against this.

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