We were placed in a commitment center, in a center that advances a balance policy. The television is the same screen and not them sides of the screen In a soccer game, adverse the red equipment to the blue equipment in the field. The screen is like that field, where it is possible to be seen the equipment play a clean party following reglas." Saddest and pathetic it is that not even in his mercantilista baseness it is honest, it is obvious also that its support to the regime purely conjunctural and is interested, it lives not even it transmits nor it with true passion, something that besides " entendible" he would be, at least, minimumly respectable I I do not believe that in truth she is much the people who are boycotting to Venevisin (VV) (erasing it of its controls as they say), beyond the first moment of " pasin" fodder that little by little will have been returning from time to time to throw a glance to which, to a certain extent, was so custom as to tune RCTV then also Venevisin it has a far from negligible present amount of years through our screens. In addition, for a great majority of Venezuelans she is one of the very few options that they have of variable televising entertainment and moderately updated, generally, of the worse class but entertainment to the aim. Perhaps he is not more offensive and pornographic " That locura" that any other thing that transmitted RCTV? , They are more serious more and of elevated moral and social content soap operas of VV which those of RCTV? certainly not but For the great majority What it has more? Perhaps Vamos to be clear, very few see the TVE but of insurance many are seeing Venevisin so be conceited of " boicot" of the viewers very it would be thrown by the hairs.

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