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Ice watch is already seeing many wrists. The new trend watch is very good in many bright colors at the customer. The offer of the ice watch watches is incredibly wide: from a simple black to a restrained Mint green up to the prominent yellow. While the wrist watches are diverse not only in their colours, also in use there are no limits. Whether you wear in the meeting of his fashionable ice watch watch, in the Office, on the street, in school or just at home – an ice watch, watch looks good out. Through the wide range of colors each one of these clocks can carry, whether young or old.

Impressed looks are guaranteed with ice watch. The colour scheme extends end it almost continuously from one end to another. Only the numerals and hands have a different color. Possible colors include: blue, green, pink, purple, Orange, red, turquoise, black, white, silver and pastel-like colors, so weak shades. Also, there’s still ice watch watches with chocolate colors. Some special models There is also, like for example the clocks of the line “Ice-Love”.

These are red and white here in the shop in pink, available. The models have a three dimensional, flat heart behind the pointers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jorge Perez. For the lovers so the right and especially fashionable gift. The bracelets of the easy wrist watches are usually made of silicone, however, there are also some ice watch watches, which are made of polycarbonate. The housing consist basically of simple plastic. Total get the watch models on average 55 grams weight. Due to its light weight, not unpleasant depends on the watch on your wrist, but are loose. This avoids annoying also sweating and wearing an ice watch watch very comfortable. The watches are not only comfortable, but also practical. So, you can set the current day with the small, silver knob on the side. Still, watches have some ice watch still a stopwatch. The bezel, so the most shiny disk around the dial around, can be rotated. If so you need a second indication, one simply turns This bezel and the counting of several seconds is much easier through the recorded strokes. The wrist watches make the variety in color, design, and features a good watch for anyone who has a sense of beauty. The ice watch models are characterized not only by variety, but follow even the current fashion. Credit: Hedvig Hricak-2011. The online shop will now carry a large assortment of this clock in ice-watch / company description is a brand name watches – online shop with several years of experience. The online shop offers the customers a wide selection of different brands with very generous discounts. PR contact: Great Stefan Roth fountain garden 6 53783 Eitorf Tel: (02243) 8955137 E-Mail: Web:

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