Vladimir Mayakovsky

K. Shulzhenko "for his contribution to the national song" and in 2004 – the title of "Honored Artist of Russia." At the same time, unfortunately, some people associated with variety art circles, according to Tatiana Bulanova creativity, something that is not interesting, roughly speaking, the "pop golimoy." However, it is unlikely to score a true original, serious and creative expressive performer. As written in an advertisement of one of the singer's early albums: "Those who have once heard the voice, do not forget it and do not confuse with the other never. Child-touching, like a woman attractive, gentle and powerful at the same time, mysterious as the city itself, with whom he is inseparable. The voice of the soloist, "Summer Garden" Tanya Bulanova from St.

Petersburg. " Of course, the work of any writer, painter, singer, is ambiguous. At the same creative person has a strong product, strong, brilliant, and there is weak, frankly weak, or even mediocre. Lev Nikulin remember a curious proposition of Vladimir Mayakovsky's block (which is very high Mayakovsky appreciated). After a public reading of poems by Blok, "Nemesis", Nikulin, and Mayakovsky met the next day for lunch in the dining room at Big Dmitrovka. After the first few sentences about the poem, as noted by Nikulin, Mayakovsky took pencil and drew on a paper napkin two columns of numbers, and then he shared them with a vertical bar. Pointing to the figures, he said: "I have ten poems – five good, three medium and two bad.

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