What Sunglasses?

Best most people consider themselves is what sunglasses sunglasses as accessories such as watches or jewelry. Although sunglasses are real gems, they have also another function than just to look good. Sunglasses protect our eyes from the dangerous UV rays that can hurt our eyes. Spurs usually is spot on. How do you choose the right protection UV factor? There are three standards for the categorization of sunglasses: 0 – for non-sunny days, because they have 100% UV radiation through. 1 – for less sunny days opacity 50% to 80%; 2 – sunglasses for the General Nutzung-permeability 25 to 43%.

3 – sunglasses for light tanning products permeability 18%; 4 – Sunglasses for situations with strong solar activity permeability 8% UV. The first three categories can be used as an accessory as well as sunscreen. The fifth category is mostly used by athletes for example gold, ski, water ski, boat, etc. It is forbidden to drive a car with sunglasses of the UV 4 category. Read always the document by the manufacturer. What to choose, glass or plastic jars? The most sunglasses lenses are not made of glass, but polycarbonate – plastic.

Polycarbonate is safe as glass in the event of an accident and are also lighter and more comfortable to wear. The disadvantage is that the glasses scratch something faster than real glass. How to choose the frame? The shape of the frame and the material (metal or plastic) is really depend on the preferences of the wearer. If you would like to learn more about how to find the perfect sunglasses, just look on the website for sunglasses. Article by Claudia lunettes

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